Advantages of working with a Pittsburgh Buyers Agent

There are many advantages to working with a Pittsburgh buyers agent when looking to purchase a home or condo. Did you know that working with a buyers agent doesn’t involve any additional cost for the buyer? Buyers agents are usually paid by the seller and normally the buyers agent and the listing agent split the commission 50/50. All listings clearly state on the MLX exactly how much the “buyers agent” will receive if they close the sale. As a Pittsburgh Buyers Agent I am committed to finding the best home to meet these needs of all clients who have signed what we call an exclusive “buyers agreement”. Once I commit to working with a prospective buyer I will focus my time and energy on finding the best home to meet my clients needs and make sure they get in to see new listings quickly- within 24 hours if possible. The Pittsburgh market has very low inventory and has turned in to a sellers market. In this climate it’s even more important to have a Realtor who is dedicated to finding the best home to meet your needs. Many homes that go on the market get multiple offers and often go under agreement within days! Buyers will always benefit from working with a buyers agent who is committed and experienced with negotiating in this competitive market. As a buyers agent I am always ready to adjust my schedule on a dime to get a buyer in to see a new listing but I only commit this level of service to clients who are committed to working together.

Many home buyers feel they can find all of the same information a Realtor or buyers agent can- right? The Internet has made it much easier for prospective home buyers to find information about current Pittsburgh homes for sale. Real Estate sites like, Zillow, Trulia and many others post both information about past sales, “zestimates” and current listing. Most of these sites however don’t show the current status of a listing and often clients contact me via Trulia, Zillow and other sites inquiring about Pittsburgh homes and condos that are already under agreement! I feel many buyers have a false sense of security that they have access to all of the homes on the market and may not see the benefit of working with a buyers agent. Some buyers think they may actually get a better deal if they don’t sue a buyers agent and work directly with the listing agent. While there’s nothing wrong with “dual agency” and working with the agent who has listed the house but it should affect the price the owners will sell it for. When a home is listed on the MLX the owner and the agent have already agreed to the terms of the commission for both the listing agent and the buyers agent. With dual agency the listing agent will get both sides of the commission since they are representing both the buyer and the seller. Should you decide to work directly with the listing agent don’t think this is going to give you a better deal because the commission has already been agreed to.