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Allison Park is located right next to Hampton Township. Those who purchase Allegheny County homes here therefore will be living in an area that shares much of the same  history: Native Americans first settled the area, with Europeans  first making their appearance in the mid-1700s, but not really coming  to the area in any great number until after the Revolutionary War. In  fact, many local landmarks in the area bear the names of early  settlers such as John McNeal, William and Henry McCully and Robert  and James Sample.

Western Pennsylvania, including this area of suburban Pittsburgh real estate, was the first frontier of the new country to be settled after the  war’s end. Many hunters moved here from Pittsburgh (to areas north of  the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers) in search of better game.

Real Estate in Allison Park, PA

As  in other communities in which people purchase Allegheny  County homes,  Allison Park PA Real Estate is popular with families for its great schools and easy commute to the job opportunities found in downtown Pittsburgh. Adults will work in the city, yet house their families in  warm and welcoming communities — such as Allison Park — in order  that their children may enjoy a rather bucolic upbringing in an area  of rolling hills, with neighborhoods and communities interspersed  among farmland.

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