Choosing the best Pittsburgh Realtor to Sell Your Home

How To Choose The Best Pittsburgh Realtor

It can be difficult choosing the best Pittsburgh Realtor to sell your home. Pittsburgh Realtor’s are often chosen solely on the recommendation of a friend or an ad in the newspaper. Choosing the right agent can save you time, effort and aggravation in finding the perfect home at a price you can afford or selling your home quickly for top dollar.

You must choose an agent who is a Pittsburgh Realtor.
Not all real estate agents are realtors or belong to any Realtor associations. It is very important that they are, because in doing so they are sworn to uphold a very strict code of ethics. The National Association of Realtors (the one I’m a member of) has incredibly strict rules we must abide by. Like most professions, their are a lot of unethical Realtors out there who will tell you anything to win your business. Members of the National Association of Realtors face severe penalties if we do anything outside the code of ethics, so it allows you to trust that person much more deeply.

You must choose an agent who you trust.
Trust is very important when it comes to selling your home. After all, you trust that Pittsburgh Realtor to sell something typically in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If that Realtor is rushing you to get the commission, you’re going to lose potentially thousands of dollars in the process. You want to get the sense that the Realtor cares about YOU, not just selling your home so they can get a commission. Remember, the Realtor selling gets a small percentage of the commission. You get the major chunk of it. Many Realtors try to sell as many houses as possible, as fast as possible, without trying to get top dollar. In doing so, they may only lose a few hundred dollars in commissions while you could potentially be losing tens of thousands. When you speak with a Realtor, ask them questions about their business. Here are a few questions that will help you establish trust and rapport with a potential Realtor you’re interested in.

 How long they’ve been in business
 How they will market your property
 What they do that most other Realtors won’t do, to make sure they hit your goals and get the best price for your home.
 How well they know the market that you’re selling in
 How many homes they’ve sold in the past 6 months

You can also think of other questions you may have. Out of those above questions, how they will market your property is the most important. So let’s cover that next.

You must choose a Realtor with the best marketing.
Let’s compare two scenarios. In Scenario A, 25 people visit a home over a 6 month span. That’s slightly more than 1 per week. In Scenario B, 100 people visit a home over a 6 month span. That’s about one person every other day, or 3.5 people per week. Which of those do you think gives you the best chance of selling your home faster, at a higher price? Scenario B is the obvious answer.
The reason I point this out is to show you how important the correct marketing is. If your Realtor doesn’t get your home in front of enough people, you’ll have a much harder time finding that perfect person or couple to buy your home. More importantly, with less demand comes less price. If two… three… even five or more people all want the same home, they’ll start a bidding war. Bidding wars get you the highest price possible for your home.

Below a list of marketing activities your Realtor should be doing for you. This is a sample of the marketing I do for my own clients.

 Prepare a market analysis of your property, detailing comparable properties sold in the
past year and providing current market trends.
 Prepare and Sign Listing Agreement. Provide Seller with a detailed list of costs involved
in selling a home.
 Submit listing information and 18 quality photos to West. Penn Multi List ( The data
based service that is used by all real estate professionals).
 Add listing to my personal website and use sites like Vflyer, Zillow, Active rain, Trulia,
Craigslist and other appropriate real estate marketing sites.
To get the best price for your home, faster, please visit Have an Agent Tour and Open House.
 Schedule OPEN HOUSE
 Prepare Feature Sheets for perspective buyers to take with them. Included would be
color photos, list of improvements, things you enjoy about this neighborhood and your
 Sellers Disclosure and other MLX paperwork.
 Negotiate contract and follow through with all aspects of your real estate transaction
through closing.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what some of the above means. Just know that our sophisticated marketing process was strategically designed to help us get your home sold faster, and with more profit, than any other Realtor in the Pittsburgh area. We do what is called “shotgun marketing”, which simply means marketing in a diversification of places in the Pittsburgh area to make sure everyone within a reasonable distance knows your home is for sale. We also keep in touch with you, providing feedback about showings from the agents who have shown your home. Correctly pricing your home will help you sell your home more quickly and for the best price. If your home is not sold after 45-60 days, we will do a review and evaluate why. We will evaluate the current market, pricing, and re-review your goals to see if we should change the
price or other pieces of the offer to make sure your home gets sold as quickly as possible.

If you follow the above three criteria…
1) Choosing a real estate agent who’s a certified Realtor
2) Choosing a Realtor you can trust
3) Choosing the Realtor with the best marketing plan
… you stand the best chance of selling your home quickly, and for the highest possible price.

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