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If  you’ve scoured all of Allegheny County real estate and  still haven’t found your perfect home, check out adjacent Butler  County to the north. In fact, Cranberry, PA real estate may be to  your liking as it’s only about 30 miles north of downtown Pittsburgh.  This community of about 28,000 is located in the southwestern corner  of Butler County and gets its name from the wild cranberries that  once grew in the area. Cranberry Township was incorporated in 1804.

Your Pittsburgh Realtor will  tell you that Cranberry is a fast-growing Pittsburgh suburb (the  population was just a little under 15,000 in 1990), one that is  popular for some very good reasons: the town is near-yet-far from the  stress, crowds and craziness that too often is Pittsburgh, yet close  enough that a commuter can get to a job in the Golden Triangle in  around 30 minutes.

Real Estate in Cranberry, PA

Cranberry and the surrounding area once was inhabited by Native Americans who  hunted plentiful beaver, raccoon, wild ducks, muskrat, deer, bear,  and wild turkey. The first white settlers arrive in the later part of  the 1790s and early 1800s. Most of them were farmers, there to take  advantage of nearby Depreciation Land, set aside explicitly for  Revolutionary War veterans and their families. Most of these early  settlers hailed from Pittsburgh and Allegheny County; real estate was plentiful here, especially for veterans wishing to lay claim to  acreage in the Depreciation Lands.

If  you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of this country’s  Revolutionary War heroes and purchase Cranberry, PA real estate,  contact Pittsburgh  Realtor Liz Caplan. You may contact Liz and her team at The Caplan Group at  412-302-2645.  Liz would be happy to discuss the many attributes that  Cranberry PA Real Estate, and a Cranberry PA homes have to offer.


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