Downtown Pittsburgh Lofts

Downtown living  and residing in downtown Pittsburgh lofts  has become more and more appealing over the years.  With the convenience of being in the heart of the city, close to sports, shopping, dining, cultural, and recreational venues, as well as being able to walk to nearly any destination, downtown Pittsburgh lofts have become the home of choice for today’s singles, couples, and even starter families.

As downtown Pittsburgh can be characterized as a vibrant and bustling place to live, work and play, downtown Pittsburgh condominiums  and lofts are the perfect living spaces for people who wish to enjoy the energetic lifestyle of the Golden Triangle.  Downtown Pittsburgh lofts make it easy to move about in this walkable metro, and with the rising cost of gasoline, living in an area where you don’t need a car to get around is definitely an added bonus.  Besides location, living in a loft gives one the opportunity to just lock up and leave without any worries.

Find a Great Pittsburgh Loft

One great option for investors interested in downtown Pittsburgh lofts is Keystone Lofts.  This revitalized old Keystone Framing Building at 951 Liberty Avenue is the epitome of the contemporary urban lifestyle.  Situated close to Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, Keystone Lofts gives its residents easy access to the fine entertainment that the galleries, theaters, and concert halls in Penn and Liberty Avenue bring.  With lofts ranging from around 940 square feet to 1,100 and costing between $190,000 and $250,000, Keystone Lofts offers affordable living in a historic Pittsburgh landmark.

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