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The “Golden Triangle” of Downtown Pittsburgh  gets its name from being the business sector of the city, flanked by two rivers that create its shape – the Allegheny and the Monongahela. But this district is also brimming with incredible real estate opportunities, from high-rise condominiums to airy lofts, all featuring incredible access to the bustling business, culture, and entertainment of the city. With the sheer choice that lies ahead, it is imperative to partner with a real estate professional like a Downtown Pittsburgh realtor – as finding the perfect home should not come down to chance.

While it may be tempting to undertake searching for Downtown Pittsburgh real estate on your own, sorting through a list of properties you find through a web search for example is not the most reliable method. While you will certainly get a general overview of available homes, such listings are not able to give you a full picture of the neighborhood, background on the property, or pertinent information that can help you negotiate the best price or point out any potential problems.

Working with a Downtown Pittsburgh realtor will optimize your search and increase the chances that you will find the home you have always dreamed of. Their knowledge of the local area, connections to many important resources like lenders and inspectors, and experience with hundreds of real estate transactions make them invaluable. Before taking a step into the unknown, make sure to consult a professional first.

If you are looking for a Downtown Pittsburgh Realtor, you’ve come to the right place. The Caplan Group and Keller Williams Real Estate is your source for the best Downtown Pittsburgh real estate properties. Contact the leading Downtown Pittsburgh Realtor, Liz Caplan, today!

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