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The Pittsburgh borough of Edgewood presents a unique opportunity for prospective homebuyers to find a classic property within a community that is recognized by the Pittsburgh History and Landmark Foundation. Though only minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh, this is a distinctive area containing homes in architectural styles dating back centuries, from Arts and Crafts to Victorian and even Colonial. While you may not need the help of a professional to recognize the charm of the atmosphere, an Edgewood PA realtor is a proven resource that can assist with your home search and relocation here.

You can learn a little bit about the community by doing a web search, but relying solely on the internet to conduct your home purchase would be a mistake. Homebuyers quickly find that the information they can gather on their own will often be outdated, irrelevant, or even conflicting between multiple sources. As a real estate professional with local experience, an Edgewood PA realtor has the knowledge, connections, and the market background to provide the most current information that is relevant to you.

From facts and figures about the schools, local economy, amenities, and even driving directions to your favorite shops and restaurants, there is no detail too big or small that you can ask your Edgewood PA realtor. And when you’ve finally made the decision on the home you want, you can trust that your realtor will handle every step, from negotiation to closing, and even beyond, in your best interest. Best of all, your Edgewood PA realtor follows an exacting standard upheld by the National Association of Realtors, and guarantees that you will get the best service possible.

To find out how to choose the right Edgewood PA realtor for you, begin by speaking with the best. Liz Caplan and The Caplan Group look forward to hearing from you as you begin your search for Edgewood PA real estate. Contact Liz by clicking here!

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