Gateway Towers Downtown Pittsburgh

Gateway Towers’ downtown Pittsburgh residences serve as the gateway to Point State Park and the bustling downtown area.  Comfortably nestled at 320 Fort Duquesne Boulevard, the 27-floor high-rise known as Gateway Towers looks out towards the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers and stunning Point State Park. The area of Gateway Towers downtown Pittsburgh is right at the tip of the Golden Triangle.  The community, which is characterized by riverfront views, the Fort Pitt Museum, the original site of Fort Duquesne, and the impressive fountains at Point State Park is an excellent option for folks who want to live downtown and yet have a lot of green space nearby.

The classic full-service Gateway Towers downtown Pittsburgh condominiums  officially opened in 1964.  The building, with its simple yet elegant architecture, has four floors for commercial space and over 300 residential units.  The sense of neighborhood and community that Gateway Towers projects is a huge plus; it is home to Pittsburgh residents from various backgrounds and all walks of life, bringing about a renewed sense of diversity.

In a unique setting with tree-lined plazas and verdant parks close at hand, Gateway Towers lets its residents have everything worth seeing and doing in downtown Pittsburgh within walking distance.  On any given day, the 36-acre Point State Park will welcome you, the dazzling symphonies and plays at the Cultural District will leave you in awe, and the games at PNC Park and Heinz Field will get you cheering.  And all you have to do to experience these things is step out of your door.

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