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Mt Lebanon real estate was  made up primarily of farms into the early 1900s. Coal was mined in  the area, as well, from about 1883 to as late as 1923. The community  really started to become a bona fide suburb of Pittsburgh with the  introduction in 1901 of streetcars to and from Mt Lebanon to the  city. It was in fall 1901 that the first subdivision, the Mt. Lebanon Plan, was laid out, with a second (the Clearview Plan) following  early the next year. Mt. Lebanon grew at a somewhat furious pace in  those first years of the 1900s, expanding to no fewer than 11  subdivisions by 1905.

Mt Lebanon became a township on its own (it once was part of St. Clair,  Upper St. Clair and even Scott Townships) in February 1912. Any Mt Lebanon real estate agent of the day would have been quite busy as development of additional  subdivisions began again in 1917, growing large enough by 1928 to  have its first township manager appointed by the Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania.

Homes in Mt. Lebanon

Development  of Mt Lebanon real estate really took off after the Liberty Tunnels opened to vehicular traffic in  1924. That, coupled with the completion of the Liberty Bridge in 1928  accelerated growth, so much so that 3,460 housing units existed in Mt Lebanon by 1934 (a 100 percent increase from the town’s 1912  population of about 1,700 souls).

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