Mt Lebanon Real Estate

Lying just over a ten-minute drive south of downtown Pittsburgh real estate, Mt. Lebanon is one of the Steel City’s most sought-after suburbs and Mt. Lebanon real estate never lacks for buyers.  In a region well-known throughout the country for its model communities and high quality of life, that’s saying something indeed.

Known throughout the Pittsburgh metro area for the quality of its schools, Mt. Lebanon homes for sale have long been favored by families with school-age children.  The award-winning Mt. Lebanon School District  contains several National Blue Ribbon schools and Mt. Lebanon High School has been included in lists of the country’s best high schools by Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report.

This community of more than 33,000 is home to a variety of distinctive neighborhoods that have retained their unique characters throughout the years.  Mt. Lebanon is no cookie-cutter suburb and you’ll find many unique pieces of Mt. Lebanon real estate.  It also has a thriving business district, Uptown Mt. Lebanon, as well as other smaller commercial centers in other areas.

Though officially founded only in 1912, Mt. Lebanon has a history that dates back to the pre-Revolutionary years.  The town was primarily a farming community until the advent of industry in the 20th century when it transformed into a streetcar suburb.  To this day, the intelligently designed turn-of-the-century layout has been preserved, making Mt. Lebanon’s neighborhoods pedestrian-friendly and easily accessible.  Mt Lebanon

Mt Lebanon real estate could well be what you’ve always been looking for.  Let Liz Caplan  and The Caplan Group help you maximize your housing options and get you the home you’ve always wanted.  Liz is a top Realtor with Keller Willams Real Estate and is an experienced in buying and selling Mt. Lebanon homes.

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