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Casual, vibrant, and sophisticated, the neighborhood of Pittsburgh known as Oakland is an incredibly popular residential destination. As the cultural and academic center of Pittsburgh, and offering the kind of activity that rivals even downtown Pittsburgh, this area is popular with everyone from students to professionals to families. The Oakland PA Real Estate market is currently brimming with incredible homes for every type of buyer.

From newly constructed condominiums to apartments, single-family homes and even expansive estates, there are a wide variety of Oakland PA Real Estate properties available. This diverse urban neighborhood is home to an equally wide-ranging population, of every lifestyle and ethnic background, all of whom contribute to the cherished energy of the area. Everything from wonderful local stores, boutiques, ethnic restaurants, cafes, and bars keep the neighborhood thriving no matter what day of the week.

Oakland is also home to numerous Pittsburgh institutions, most notably parts of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh. The Carnegie Museum of Art and Carnegie Music Hall draw countless visitors to the area, and there are even more local exhibits and performances that residents can enjoy all year round. Whether your focus in the city is to work, learn, or play, there is always something to pursue and enjoy.

To find out more about Oakland PA Real Estate, it’s best to begin by consulting an experienced professional. Rely on the knowledge and experience that Liz Caplan and The Caplan Group can provide as you begin your search for the perfect home for you. Contact Liz today to buy or sell Oakland PA Real Estate, or for any of your real estate questions.  The Caplan Group is a proud part of Keller Williams Real Estate office located in Shadyside, near Squirrel Hill.  They help clients buy and sell homes in Greater Pittsburgh, including Oakland PA Real Estate everyday.  Call for a no obligation discussion of your real estate needs today.

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