Realtor Squirrel Hill

When searching Realtor Squirrel Hill, whom would you rather have, someone with an office in the neighborhood, or someone who rarely ventures into the locale? A real estate agent in Squirrel Hill knows well the homes available for sale in the area. In addition, he or she has connections with loan officers and home inspectors — more so than someone who is not a real estate agent in Squirrel Hill.

Finding a Realtor Squirrel Hill who will be able to show you around the neighborhood better than someone who specializes in homes elsewhere.  Someone who works in Squirrel Hill will be able to recommend the many ethnic restaurants, delis, bakeries and grocery stores (some still deliver!), and the best tavern at which to order a pint. Looking for the latest “it” eateries? Your real estate agent in Squirrel Hill will take you there.

Buying Squirrel Hill Real Estate

There truly is a home for everyone in Squirrel Hill. From high-rise apartments on Murray and Forbes avenues to the late 19th century mansions on Fair Oaks, a Squirrel Hill Realtor will know them all. If you’d rather purchase a cozy and quaint condo or even a single-family home with a garage, a real estate agent in Squirrel Hill will help you.

Contact the real estate agent in Squirrel Hill, Liz Caplan of the Caplan Group today for a free, and no obligation consultation about your desire to purchase a home in Squirrel Hill. As a local Squirrel Hill Realtor, Liz specializes in Squirrel Hill homes for sale including Squirrel Hill condos, Squirrel Hill townhomes, and Squirrel Hill single-family homes.  The Caplan Group Keller Williams offices are located on Baum Blvd.  in Shadyside, just a mile or so from Squirrel Hill.  Liz is a Pittsburgh native who lists Squirrel Hill homes and has been in hundreds of Squirrel Hill properties.  Call her today to hear about new Squirrel Hill homes that have not yet come onto the market.  Get the first look?  Thinking of selling?  Get a free listing consulation today!!

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