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The appeal of a neighborhood like Regent Square is undeniable.  Featuring a quiet, village feel, it is a Mecca among the rest of Pittsburgh’s metropolitan landscape – it is especially popular with those looking for a bit more seclusion.  When searching for a home in a highly admired neighborhood, there is nothing better than working with a seasoned Regent Square Realtor to find the home that can fit your needs and goals.

While the internet is a credible place to begin your search for Regent Square Pittsburgh real estate, too many of these searches end before truly tapping into the wealth of properties that are available.  A web search also only scratches the surface of the knowledge you need – including neighborhood, school, and property information – to make an informed decision.  That is why working with a licensed, professional Regent Square Realtor is one of the best decisions you can make.

The information a professional Regent Square Realtor provides goes beyond a basic online search.  Through local connections, they often hear about properties going on sale even before coming out onto the market.  But beyond having the latest information, a Regent Square Realtor will have the network and relationships you need to ensure that all elements of a real estate transaction go well, from inspections to paperwork and negotiations.  And when it comes to insight into the lifestyle, which can be crucial to your enjoyment of your future Regent Square properties, a Regent Square Realtor will certainly know best, especially a Regent Square Realtor who lives in Regent Square!

Contact Liz Caplan and The Caplan Group to learn more about what a Regent Square Realtor can do for you. Call her at 412-302-2645 or email for more information.

Liz is a proud member and past Board Member of the Regent Square Civic Association.

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