Shadyside PA 15232 Homes Sales The Last 7 Days

Shadyside PA 15232 Single Family Home Sales The Past 7 Days: 5 homes sold in the past week in Shadyside. They range in price between $1,169,500 and $290,000. Many people think December is a slow month in real estate. This is a misconception and December is actually always very active. During the holidays many families have time off from work and are able to take time to tour homes in Shadyside PA or meet with a Shadyside Realtor to discuss selling a home in Shadyside or other Pittsburgh neighborhood.

The winter months are a great time to get a great deal on a home! Some homes sit on the market for 4-6+ months without an offer. Sellers are then much more motivated to sell before the spring when many new homes will be listed. There are also fewer home buyers in the winter months and less competition for homes during these months. December and January are also a great time list your Pittsburgh home and get a head start on the spring market. The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne, Chatham, UPMC and other universities bring strong demand for housing. The most popular areas are Pittsburgh’s East End neighborhoods like Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, Regent Square and Highland Park. South Side, Downtown Pittsburgh and Mt. Washington are areas that are in very high demand year round but especially in the spring and summer.

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