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Nestled in the heart of the East End, the neighborhood of Shadyside is characterized by elegant Victorian homes, tree-lined streets and upscale shops.  A favored haunt of Carnegie Mellon University  students and faculty, Shadyside strikes just the right balance between the warmth of tradition and the excitement of 21st century living.  It’s not surprising, then, that Shadyside real estate has remained some of the city’s most appealing neighborhoods for generations.

Located just a few minutes east of the central business district, Shadyside is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Bloomfield, East Liberty, Friendship, Larimer, Oakland, Point Breeze and Squirrel Hill.  Shadyside real estate can have a zip code of 15232 or 15206.

Though predominantly a residential neighborhood, Shadyside also has a few business and commercial areas.  Foremost among these are Ellsworth Avenue, Highland Avenue and Walnut Street.  These districts contain a blend of national chains, family-owned businesses and chic stores and boutiques such as Williams-Sonoma and Coach.

Like many other neighborhoods in the East End, Shadyside got its start as an enclave for the city’s affluent, families who escaped from what was an industrial downtown in the 19th century.  Today, the neighborhood is home to a diversity of residents, from students to single professionals and families.  Shadyside real estate  has also evolved from mostly Victorian manses to a mix of 19th century charm and modern lofts and townhomes.

Liz Caplan can tell you more about Shadyside real estate. Liz Caplan is a long time native of Shadyside, Pittsburgh real estate  and would love to speak with you about the area she and her family enjoys so much.  The Caplan Group is a proud part of the Keller Williams Realty team with offices in Baum Blvd. in Shadyside near Squirrel Hill.  As a local Shadyside Realtor Liz Caplan is the right person to guide you through selling or buying Shadyside Real Estate.

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