Great Review of Squirrel Hill Neighborhood

Cool Squirrel Hill Neighborhood Review.

I found this review on about the Squirrel Hill neighborhood and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you.  I think this kind person nailed it when it comes to his description of  the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.  Having lived in a lot of different cities over the years and traveled to a lot more, it’s easy to foget when I come home just how unique Squirrel Hill and surrounding areas are.  So as a reminder to all of us, I thought the review below was awesome.  And by the way, if you have any cool architecture pictures you’ve taken that I can add to my website concerning anything in the Pittsburgh area, I would love to see them.  Interestingly, I talk to a lot of people from out of town that get a huge kick out of the look of our city.  I hope you like this review of Squirrel Hill as well!

One of the great neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city of neighborhoods and Squirrel Hill is an example of what all urban neighborhoods should be. A wonderful blend of kitsch, boho, ethnic and family orientation. Stately churches and temples within site of funky boutiques and cafes all in a hilly yet walkable setting. 

It’s really a place for the locals – there aren’t any tourist attractions to speak of unless one is a fan of great neighborhoods or religious architecture. Squirrel Hill is right next to Oakland and Shadyside neighborhoods, though, and is a logical stop for visitors to the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie-Mellon University. The drive from Squirrel Hill through Schenley Park into Oakland is very nice – the park is an urban gem and home to Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Institute as well as a public golf course.