Squirrel Hill Properties

Along with Shadyside Properties, Squirrel Hill properties are some of the most sought after in Pittsburgh.  The much-admired lifestyle and coveted homes in this diverse neighborhood have garnered a lot of attention from prospective buyers, and for good reason.  No other neighborhood offers the depth and array of cultural and recreational options like this amazing community.

Just east of Downtown Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill  is a destination for all of Pittsburgh’s residents, as it features this city’s most popular ethnic restaurants representing various cuisines of the world.  Both visitors and residents of Squirrel Hill properties  enjoy the friendly atmosphere, which makes it conducive to stay out late and sample the many bars, pubs, and entertainment options.  From Forbes Street through to Murray Avenue, you’ll keep coming back for something new for a long time to come.

The diversity of Squirrel Hill properties  is just as impressive and memorable.  With a multitude of homes, from high-rise apartments to expansive luxury estate homes, there is truly something for everyone.  No matter what your lifestyle, this is a perfect place for students, professionals, families, and especially anyone who enjoys an unforgettable multicultural flair as part of their way of life.

While Squirrel Hill is technically two neighborhoods, Squirrel Hill North  and Squirrel Hill South, those are old labels that no longer matter to the current residents.  It’s all one happy community in our eyes.  Ask a native – Realtor Liz Caplan is excited to tell you more about the available Squirrel Hill properties.  Contact her at 412-302-2645 or email her at liz@pittsburghhomesite.com today and she will be delighted to assist you in your search for the perfect Squirrel Hill real estate!

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