Squirrel Hill Real Estate

East of Downtown Pittsburgh living  lies the neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, a diverse and culturally rich community that has something for just about everyone.  Famous for its array of shopping, dining and entertainment options, the neighborhood is also equally well-known for its wide range of Squirrel Hill real estate choices.

Squirrel Hill real estate can be an elegant 19th century mansion, a chic townhome or a trendy high-rise apartment.  Students, single professionals, young couples just starting out and growing families will find something that’s just right for them in the Squirrel Hill real estate market.

Squirrel Hill is ringed by the neighborhoods of Shadyside, Point Breeze, Regent Square, Swisshelm Park, Glen Hazel, Hazelwood, Greenfield and Oakland.  It is officially divided into two districts by the city – Squirrel Hill North  and Squirrel Hill South – though this is a distinction that most Pittsburghers don’t make.

As its name implies, Squirrel Hill Real Estate is characterized by rolling streets with occasional views of lower-lying neighbors like Shadyside and Oakland.  The neighborhood is well-known for its multicultural flavor, something that has resulted in, among other things, a wealth of restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world.  Bakeries, delis, family-owned grocery stores, independent bookshops and a collection of other unique establishments make the Squirrel Hill neighborhood a favorite Pittsburgh destination.

For more information on Squirrel Hill real estate, give Liz Caplan a call at 412-302-2645 or send her an email at liz@pittsburghhomesite.com. Liz Caplan is a proud, long-time native of the Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh community.  Call Liz Caplan today to learn more about the wide range of Pittsburgh real estate choices.

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