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Squirrel Hill real estate  covers one of the largest residential neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, nearly four square miles of the city, and stretching out all the way to the gorgeous banks of the Monongahela River.  It is exceedingly popular with people from all walks of life, and prospective buyers can find it a challenge to compete for the best homes while sellers may feel overwhelmed by the attention and work neccesasary in selling a home.  That’s when a seasoned Squirrel Hill Realtor can come in and optimize your home buying and selling process.

A licensed, professional Squirrel Hill Real Estate agent is trained to understand and deal with both sides of a real estate transaction.  While buyers may be eager to look for any available homes, a Squirrel Hill Realtor knows that there are many factors that determine why a home would be a good match, from its price, location, space, and interior and exterior features.  By determining a buyer’s specific needs, a Realtor can narrow down the list of properties and make it much easier to match a buyer to the right home.

This is something that sellers also appreciate, as the home selling process can be incredibly time consuming.  While receiving interest in your home is flattering, not every buyer is a perfect match for your property – an experienced Squirrel Hill Realtor can evaluate prospective buyers and cut down on time spent by handling all the marketing, showings, and all the paperwork associated with a home sale.

Whether you are buying or selling, a good client / Realtor relationship comes down to is constant, clear communication, listening to client needs, and providing honest answers and information.  If you are looking for Squirrel Hill properties, contact Liz Caplan of Keller Williams Realty.  The Caplan Group Keller Williams offices are located on Baum Blvd. in Shadyside, right near Squirrel Hill.  Liz Caplan specializes in the Shadyside and Squirrel real estate market.  Call THE Squirrel Hill Realtor, Liz Caplan today.

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