Tips For Pittsburgh PA First Time Home Buyers

Purchasing a first home in Pittsburgh or anywhere in the county can be a stressful process especially if you haven’t purchased a home before. Here are some tips for first time and all home buyers that can help make their purchase go as smoothly as possible.

#1 Step number one is to find an experience Pittsburgh Realtor who works in the niche areas you are most interested in. Realtors can show homes in all areas but agents who regularly work in neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, Downtown, Mt Washington, Fox Chapel and other suburbs are most familiar with pricing in these markets and this experience will help buyers get the best value when negotiating offers.

#2 Get pre-approved for a loan. unless paying cash BEFORE starting to search and tour properties. Getting pre-approved for a loan allows your Realtor to understand your financial goals and to focus on homes that will best meet your needs. Some agents do not require clients are pre-approved but I’ve found this doesn’t help the agent or the client in the long run.

#3 Pre-Approval, should you use a bank or Mortgage broker? After 13+ years working as a Reatlor I have seen all kinds of lenders big and small. Unfortunately my experience has shown me that mortgage brokers actually provide a clients much better service then banks. I try to steer clients away from banks, especially large banks who have many departments all over the country and banks don’t specialize in mortgages like mortgage brokers. Mortgage brokers are mortgage specialists and since that is all they do they are much more organized and clients are able to close their loans on time without delays and unforeseen issues like lost documents and miscommunication that often causes delays in closings which also puts the buyer at a disadvantage. When loans are delayed and buyers need to ask for an “extension” from the seller the seller can change the terms of the agreement (if the loan doesn’t close on time) and even ask for more money from the buyer who doesn’t have many options at that point since they are committed to buying at that point.

#4 Decide on 2-3 areas you are interested in as well as what type of property- single family, town home, condo or investment property.