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A new traditional neighborhood, Summerset at Frick Park is the first residential development of its scale to be constructed in Pittsburgh in 30 years.  The high-density community is located on the hillside overlooking Nine Mile Run, within ten minutes of downtown and a stone’s throw away from Squirrel Hill  and the Waterfront.

The homes and the neighborhood layout feature a blend of old and traditional styles with cutting-edge technology and a focus on sustainability.  Inspired by the tenets of New Urbanism, Summerset at Frick Park places an emphasis on features that foster a true sense of community.  These include a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood plan, a wide range of real estate options to accommodate a variety of lifestyles, and a wealth of green spaces and common areas.

Summerset at Frick Park, in fact, blends in well with its neighbors, inasmuch as it is traditional streetcar neighborhoods like Squirrel Hill, Shadyside and Regent Square that inspired its overall design.  Built over what was once a steel slag field, Summerset is an embodiment of Pittsburgh’s transformation from an industrial city into one of the country’s model communities in green and sustainable living.

Summerset at Frick Park Offers a Variety of Living Choices

Real estate in Summerset  features detached single-family homes, condominiums, flats, townhomes, and rental apartments in a range of styles that celebrate the city’s architectural traditions.  What’s more, all Summerset at Frick Park homes are energy efficient, with EPA Energy Star certifications.

Find out more about the myriad housing and lifestyle options that Summerset at Frick Park offers – give Liz Caplan and The Caplan Group a call today at 412-302-2645 or send an email to Liz is a local to Summerset at Frick Park and is eager to share its real estate with you, as well as surrounding areas of the community.

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