Wexford PA Real Estate Agent

Here are some tips to help you as you search for a Wexford PA real estate agent: Ask the realty professional if he or she is licensed by the National Association of Realtors. If so, this will tell you the person you’re thinking of helping you buy or sell your Allegheny County real estate takes the profession seriously. Many good real estate agents are not Realtors, but making the effort to do the work to become a licensed Realtor lets you know that this person is committed to the highest of standards and ethics.

You also should ask the Wexford PA Real Estate Agent how much experience he or she has selling and buying properties in greater Pittsburgh. Does he or she live nearby? How well does he or she know the local real estate market? Is he or she up to date with the latest marketing tools like Altos Research data?

Finding a Great Real Estate Agent in Wexford, PA

If selling a home, ask the Realtor what he or she will do to market your property. Get specifics. Will he or she provide online marketing resources including area websites to help sell your home? How many — if any — open houses does the Wexford PA Real Estate Agent plan to hold? If buying a home, ask how many properties your Realtor believes you should see. What types and size of home are available in Wexford, PA your price range?

If you’re looking for an expert Wexford PA Real Estate Agent, look no further than Realtor Liz Caplan. Liz and the team at The Caplan Group have the expertise you need to have a successful home-buying or -selling experience.  Liz would be happy to discuss with you any Wexford area townhome, condo, or Wexford, PA estate home. Call or email her today!

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