When is the best time for selling your Pittsburgh home

When is the best time for selling your Pittsburgh home or condo? Spring is always the most active months for buyers and more buyers means the best time to get top dollar for your home. Landscaping shows best in the spring when tress and shrubs are in bloom. 2013 has become a “sellers” market for the first time in over a decade! The Pittsburgh real estate market is on the rise! The average price of a home in 2012 was $180,000 and in April 2013 the average price is now almost $200,000 which is great news for sellers. Low housing inventory and a high demand for properties will continue to push prices on an upward trend.

Rising prices great news for sellers but pricing a home accurately is going to be the biggest predictor of how long it takes to sell and for what price. Pricing your home as effectively as possible will create the most demand. If you price your home at $350,000 but would be willing to sell for $289,000 then you aren’t pricing yourself in a zone that will create a lot of buzz because it’s such a good value. When many buyers see a home is a great value there is a great chance of multiple offers and a higher sale price.

People decide to move for all kinds of reasons and sometimes it’s not practical to wait until spring to list a home. Luckily the Pittsburgh real estate market is very stable and there is a year round demand for housing. Accurate pricing is will help you sell your home for top dollar any time of the year. While it’s a sellers market, buyers are very very educated about the market. Don’t overprice your home too much thinking you will have more room to negotiate. If a buyer think a seller is unrealistically priced many serious buyers won’t even look house. Listen to the advise of your Realtor, they are experienced in pricing your home and getting the most money for your investment.